Friday, April 22, 2011


So I was reflecting a little bit about Twitter this past semester. At the beginning of semester I did not get Twitter at all. I thought it was a way for people to update on their every move. "I'm at lunch!" "I'm at line in Starbucks" "I"m eating a ham sandwich". I just never understood it.

After using it this semester, I must say, I really enjoy it!! I have had the opportunity to meet people I wouldn't have otherwise. Some in other states, and even other countries. It's been super cool meeting new people.

Some times I felt that it was hard to know what to tweet. But I think I learned, over the course of the semester, how to be a good Tweeter. :)

I have enjoyed this and will continue to stay on Twitter. Thank you Dr. V, for making us use it!!!


  1. Twitter has also became a vehicle for us get #epicly off the ground!!!!!!!!

    But def agree, when I first used Twitter, I really thought it would be like Facebook status updates which we both know how fun those can be, like the ham sandwich comment you made. Fortunately, it seems that more intelligence is required on Twitter...which is a good thing!

  2. i agree, i honestly enjoyed out #epicly attempt to fame more than anything. JK, but seriously. no really using twitter made me more comfortable with our class mates and its a FUN tool. it's a 3 hour class, using twitter made it fun to be in class and tweet to others :D

  3. I really still just use it to share funny things I come across, and really only follow people who post funny things that they come across or think of.